Jennifer Cannady, CCC-SLP – A Celebration of 20 Years!

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Twenty years ago the presidency transitioned from Bill Clinton to George W., a deadly earthquake struck India, the human genome sequence was revealed, the Academy award for best picture went to Gladiator, the Taliban regime in Afghanistan collapsed, and of course there were the devastating 9/11 terrorist attacks. Much has changed during this time though some struggles, such as the ones in Afghanistan, continue.


What does this have to do with the Kansas Voice Center? Twenty years ago is also when our speech pathologist, Jennifer Cannady, joined the Voice Center.  She has helped to develop the Kansas Voice Center and has been instrumental in its growth. She has performed countless laryngeal stroboscopic exams and has worked with thousands of individuals including young children, professional singers, those with swallowing concerns and a variety of other issues. Laryngology and the treatment of voice disorders has seen great advances in the last 20 years and more procedures can now be done in the office with less invasive techniques. Jennifer is right in the middle of these changes and regularly participates in our busy laryngeal Botox clinic, vocal cord injections for paralysis, and new treatments for tracheal and airway narrowing (stenosis).


As an avid singer herself, Jennifer understands the concerns of singers and actors. She is also interested in helping new speech pathologists and regularly teaches a graduate level speech pathology course.

If you know Jennifer, you know that she is kind, caring, professional, and takes pride in her work. We are honored to work with her and many more individuals will benefit from her continuing care at the Kansas Voice Center. If you see her, please congratulate her on 20 wonderful years.


Thanks Jennifer!

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